Hot Backdoor Positions – This Is How To Get An Orgasm You’ll Never Forget

Everyone should try anal at least once — it adds a lot to the sexual repertoire. Just remember to go slow, use lots of lube (silicon-based) and condoms (you can literally never use too much lube) and talk to each other about exactly how you feel at any point. Then try one of these incredible positions which are guaranteed to give you a ton of anal orgasms.

Sitting And Facing Each Other

You’ll probably need a little practice to get into this position comfortable but when you do, it’s a big win. Gaze into each other’s eyes while the receiving partner does all the work.

Spooning From Behind Is Easy

This is the easiest way to have anal because it’s the easiest position for the receiver to lay in and thus they’re at their most relaxed. The next one’s pretty easy too.

Doing It Doggy Style

This is very easy but be careful, this position allows the giver to be a lot rougher than other positions and while some may love that, some may not.

A Non-Traditional Missionary Position


Yes, you can have anal in the missionary position. You may find it’s most practical if your partner places a pillow beneath their hips. If you want something more exotic use our next position.

The Backdoor Cowboy

Cowgirls are equally welcome to try. This position is awesome, it puts the receiver in control of the situation and ladies? It also gives you free reign to stimulate your clit at the same time – instant orgasms.

Butt Love From The Kama Sutra

This one is a bit more advanced and might be a little awkward for a first-time scene. The receiver drops their head and raises their butt. Go slowly to find what works for you. This kind of butt sex was also mentioned in the kama sutra, so it must be good.

Steamy, Clean Shower Booty Banging

If you don’t want to deal with any poop (hey, it happens) then try shower anal. Don’t wash your bits with soap (at least not before sex). Do use a shower-specific lube. Standing is the right way to begin.

Going Down From Behind

Not ready to put something inside the butt? Try eating your partner’s ass instead. Spread their butt cheeks and gently lick their rim in circular motions. This can be pure heaven for the receiver.

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