Iceland offers 1800 euros per month if you marry one of their women.

For some years the federal government of Iceland is offering a monthly income of 1,800 euros to all those who decide to marry an Icelandic citizen.


Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson, the current president of that country, reported that his nation has only 320,000 inhabitants and that the majority of them are over 40, so they are facing A real demographic crisis.

The initiative promoted by this government is nothing new, other governments such as Japan and Canada also have such programs, where there are different supports for young people who want to develop their family plan in these countries.

Canada, for example, passed a law to grant income of up to 500 euros to people who meet the same objective.
Undoubtedly this is an excellent opportunity to know a new country and perhaps start a new life with sufficient income.

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