If Your Boyfriend Does These 12 Things, It’s a Forever Thing

1. He appreciates you and show it

If your boyfriend is a guy who is generous when it comes to appreciating, he is the guy you should not let go. He shows it and tells how much he loves you.

2. He makes sure you know how beautiful you are

He does more than just tell you though, he makes you feel it, and won’t stop until he’s sure you know how beautiful you are. All of the things that you’re insecure about are the things that he loves the most about you- and he makes sure that you know it.

3. He Keeps it interesting

When your boyfriend takes the time to do little things in your relationship to keep it interesting, he is the guy should hold onto. It might be a big loss if he leaves you or you let him separate his ways.

4. He tells you his plans for future together

A sincere and honest guy will always consult his girl when it comes to making important decisions for future together. He is committed and plans everything to make sure you know what’s going in your life.

5. He is committed

He makes it known that he’s fully committed to you and ready to settle down when the time is right…in case planning for the future wasn’t enough of a forever thing.

6. He is not shady with other girls

Your boyfriend won’t put you in a situation where you would have to question his intentions with other girls, and he won’t make you insecure about your relationship. If your boyfriend is a forever thing, he wouldn’t make you feel second to other girls.

7. Everybody knows how in love he is with you

His family knows, his friends know, even random people in the mall know. They can see it when you two are together. They know just by looking at the way he looks at you and his body language around you that he’s crazy in love.

8. He knows your favorite food and restaurants

You hardly ever have to deal with the “where do you want to eat” dilemma because he knows all of your favorite foods and restaurants. A forever boyfriend cares enough to learn that you need Taco Bell when you’re PMS-ing and that you need soup when the weather is gloomy.

9. He’s your biggest fan

Your boyfriend will literally support anything and everything that you do, even if he doesn’t fully understand why you’re doing it. He will hype you up and make sure you know that he’s proud of you and that you’re killin’ it.

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