Kate Upton works out with Marines for ‘Wins for Warriors’ foundation (7 Photos)

US Marines are one of the most bad ass fighting forces on the planet. They’re renowned for their prowess in battle as well as their elite physical fitness. Kate Upton, on the other hand, is more famous for her tremendous female assets. You know, she’s a model. When you put Kate Upton into a Marine workout, however, you get the sexiest All-American mash-up since apple pie and… sex? That’s what happened Tuesday morning as Upton attended a marine charity event for the ‘Wins for Warriors Foundation.’

The event, founded by Upton’s fiancé Justin Verlander, is preparation for an event called the ‘Patriot Ruck’ which takes place next month in Detroit as part of Marine week. Though the model keeps herself in peak physical condition, she was the first to admit she had a few more workouts to go before being physically ready for ‘the Ruck.”

During the event, Upton completed five rounds of a workout that included sprints, burpees, traveling push-ups and prisoner squats, and apparently, she enjoyed every minute.

Upton told the Detroit Free Press, “I love doing things like this, because welcoming the military back home and showing them how much you appreciate them by welcoming them into the community is a great thing to do.” Upton added, she’s very excited the Marines chose to hold the event in Detroit this year.

There’s no doubt this patriotic hottie is a total bad ass.

Still working off that frozen yogurt🍦 #playingforthetie @benbrunotraining

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