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Look what kind of bikini you should use according to the shape of your body.

Summer is just around the corner and that only means one thing: you must prepare the sunscreen and definitely the bathing suit and if we talk about models, there are: one piece, two, with a single sleeve, strapless And … well, there are endless of them, but that’s not the important thing. To look spectacular you must choose the best style, depending on the shape of your body.

This is a small guide to choosing what will benefit you most when you go to the beach with your family or friends. Summer is to enjoy it, tan a little and live unique adventures, so be prepared to go shopping and get something like this:


1.- Triangular or pear shape

It gets this name because the hips protrude beyond the shoulders and chest. You need to level proportions, so you can wear a full bathing suit that has details on the top; Or, if it is two-piece, one in which the top is more striking than the bottom.

2.- Oval shape, apple or round

It is the body shape in which the pounds we earn at family parties, marathon nights of movies and junk food or the desserts that the groom takes us, among other tasty but dangerous episodes stand out. Not because you have little things means that you can not go to the beach, you simply choose one-piece bathing suits or high-waisted bikinis to cover your tummy. Make sure that the garments are dark colors and without prints, not to attract attention.

3.- Form of eight or hourglass

For many girls this is the ideal way: the shoulders are aligned with the hip, but right in the middle is a small waist that makes everything look balanced and perfect. In your case you have it easy, because everything you wear will look good.

4.- Rectangular or square shape

Many young women suffer with this form, since hip, shoulders and waist are aligned. What is sought in this case is to create the illusion of powerful curves where there are none. For this there are no better allies than the trikinis, swimsuits that join the bottom and the back with lycra lines. Another great option is the classic bikini, where the top is tied behind the neck.

5.- Inverted triangular shape

Once again the challenge is to achieve balance. Here the shoulders and the chest protrude from the hips and therefore, we should look for bathing suits that attract attention at the bottom, like the bikinis that are tied to the sides.

Do not forget to wear the appropriate size so that the swimsuit does not leave marks on your skin, as this usually makes you look fuller. If you feel insecure about the extra pounds or some mark on the skin use sarongs or accessories that go over the swimsuit, like the kimono type, but remember that nothing is a pretext for not having fun. The best thing you can do is to safely carry everything you wear.

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