Modern World Pictures That Depicts The Harsh Truth Of The Society

Pictures do not always mean incredible shots and beautiful paintings, sometimes these pictures acts as a mirror and depicts the harsh truth of this modern world. The reality of the modern lives in which we act well behaved and sophisticated is far different. This sad truth of the modern world we live will blow up your mind. Pictures are more about a spectacle that lets us see through our own lives. These few modern world pictures below have laid the foundation of a solid voice that has oceans to speak about the sad truth and against the modern lives we lead.

Steve Cuttsis an animator and illustrator from London.He worked as the main storyboard concept artist at Glueisobar before making the leap to freelance work. Steve makes videos and images that criticize modern life – he states that insanity of humanity is an endless pool of inspiration.

Below are few modern world pictures that depict the harsh truth of the society. Check them out!

1.The bonkers of social media.


3.And the money that consumes us all.

4.Our habits are just affecting our wealth.

5.What are we trying to do with our lives.

6.All the shit that we see on the television.

7.And the craziness of start-ups that are destroying everything.

8.We are not ourself anymore.

9.Virtual world try to consume us.

10.People these days carry their brain elsewhere.

11.What goes in order to entertain us and fulfill our greedy needs.

12.Poor are breaking their back in order to make the rich, richer.

13.The fear of working.

14.Running the same rat race that everyone else is running.

15.What are we doing?

17.The couch that has us all now.

18.We are supposed to do what everyone else is doing. If we don’t we get into trouble.

19.The Santa who pressurize parents.

20.The leash of technology.

21.We make the wrong choices.

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