Never Marry a Guy Who Has These 15 Habits

We all are going to get married someday. It happens once in a lifetime, so why not take every kind of precaution in choosing your life-partner. It not only kept you happy and contended for the rest of your life but also saves you from the dreadful process of divorce and heartbreak.

People might say that you should marry the one you love. But what they don’t realize is that not every guy is worth giving your whole life to. There are certain habits that a man must possess and some that he should never have. We have listed the former habits for every girl that isn’t sure about a guy.

If a guy has these habits, then it’s a big No-No.

What? He thinks He can never go wrong, well then he is not your guy.

If a guy thinks that every decision he makes is right then, he is Mr. Perfect. For a more precise explanation, he’s a narcissist. In a Greek Mythology, Narcissus was a guy who fell in love with his beauty, and because he couldn’t even leave his reflection behind, he tried to snatch it and drowned in the water.
Well, your Mr. Perfect is someone like that. He not only will take himself down but will also destroy you. So before he does that, run away girl.

Ha! Yes, that’s true a guy can also be cold-blooded.

An abusive man is the one who is abusive towards his partner. He is disrespectful and heartless. Who would like to marry a guy who is inhumane? Well, not me! An offensive guy, whether physical or emotional, is never the option.

A guy who even does slap you one time, remember, he can do that again. And you would never like that. Because a guy like that doesn’t feel the sentiments of the other party and he thinks that he owns the other person. A guy like that can never love anyone.

And when there is no LOVE, then what are you doing with him? Just leave him already.

A smoker is never a husband-material. Why? Well here are all the reasons.

This habit of smoking is not just bad for him but for you too. While he smokes after every half an hour, don’t forget, that you are also passively smoking with him. And while you want to marry that guy, your kids will too have the same effect.

That guy will not only have bad lungs and yellow teeth but also he would fail to perform in his normal life. And he would smell bad too.
So ask him to leave smoking while you can. And if he doesn’t, then he is not the guy for you. Because a guy who can’t listen to your one request, then he might never do.

If a guy doesn’t make time for you now then how do you expect him to do this after marriage? If you marry a guy like that, not only you will get neglected, but also your kids won’t feel like a complete family. They will always have one parent at their parents-teachers meeting.

A guy who can’t give time to his family can never make anyone happy. If you like a guy like that, then it’s a red-alert. He is not your Mr. Right.

Who doesn’t like a guy who would stick to you like a gummy bear? But all the time, Nah! That wouldn’t do.

A clingy man would not only take your personal space but also will preclude you from doing your daily chores. We all agree that clinginess is cute. But a guy who is like that all the time should not be your lifetime choice. This kind of guy seems to have trust issues. He will never let his partner be free and do her own thing.

He would depend on you for everything even after marriage. It will not only ruin your daily life but will result in divorce. I am sure you don’t want that to happen anytime soon in your life.

He might be good-looking and have an excellent job. But if your words are not significant to him, then why marry him?

A guy who never lets you say anything about your opinion and cuts you down in the middle of what you were saying then he is not the guy for you. It may seem like a small problem. But getting your views ignored by your life-partner is one of the worst things that can happen to someone. You don’t want to live with someone, who doesn’t even listen to you.

Cutting you off in a conversation means that he doesn’t care what you feel about something specific. And a guy who can’t even respect your feelings will never be able to respect you wholly.

“Couples fight. Sometimes a lot but that doesn’t mean that both the partners don’t love each other”. Don’t be fooled with this statement. If you keep thinking like that, you might never be able to live a happy life with your partner.

Fights do happen in the relationship but if frequently, then think again if you have chosen the right partner. A guy who keeps the fight alive and there is not even a single day without it then you should never marry him. This kind of guy is always looking for excuses to light up the fire.

If you keep fighting all the time, then you might not be able to have a lot of happy moments. This kind of relationship is not healthy for anyone. So before you take the step of marrying him, think again, is he worth even worth your time?

If you want to marry a guy, who always finds a justification for everything he does, or he wants to do, then I would say, you should not take any further step towards him.

If a guy who makes excuses for everything then he is apparently giving you a sign that he has more important stuff to do, but he can’t tell you that. This kind of guy will always sneak out by making an excuse, and that will only burden you.

You’ll have trust issues, and eventually, the relationship will drown. So think before you chose a guy like that, you don’t want to live an unhappy life.

A guy who does nothing and slacks off on the sofa all day long is the not your Mr. Right.

He is like a parasite. He will always depend on you even for his stuff. He will never put any effort in your relationship. A guy like that can only increase in your worried. He will never divide your responsibilities.

And marrying a guy like that will only bring chaos to your life. Think of escape before it’s too late.

Remember one thing; a gentleman never breaks his promises. And if a guy does, he isn’t your gentleman, lady.

If a guy keeps breaking his promises then how do you expect him to be committed to you for your whole life? This kind of guy is not consistent in his life. He won’t be satisfied in any situation and will always look for the bolt. Your words won’t be important to him, and the result would be drastic.

So before you face anything like that, think again if you want to marry him.

If a guy grounds you every time he feels insecure then how he will ever be able to trust you.

A guy with trust issues is a big no-no. Because if he doesn’t believe you, then he wouldn’t ever allow you to even socialize with your co-workers. He will always be restricting you to his rules and regulations. And you’ll feel less like a wife and more like a hostage to him. A guy like that can never make you happy until he releases you from his jail.
Independence is an essential element of your life. If someone tries to snatch it, you have to get rid of him.

He might not have a bigger nose because of all the lies he utter but he still isn’t the one for you.

This kind of guy is not a marriage-type. Forgiving is not the option. Because if he has done it once, he can do it again. This type of guy tells every kind of lie possible. He is less-committed, a worrisome man who will never be able to keep you happy.

And I am sure you didn’t want to marry to be unhappy with life. If yes, then think before you take a step of ruining your whole life.

“Every man must keep alive the kid in him,” you might have heard this phrase. But it sure doesn’t mean that he should be immature in every decision he takes.

This kind of man is impatient. He will do everything hastily. It is the “you only live once” type of person who doesn’t care about the future and will never do anything to make his life better. And if a man doesn’t even think about himself, how do you expect him to be a responsible person after marriage. This kind of guy will be bad for you as well as your future kids.

If a guy doesn’t take this relationship seriously, then he is not the right guy.

Marrying this kind of guy will be the same as living alone. He doesn’t know anything about relationship rules. He wouldn’t care if you are fine or not. He would do whatever he wants to. He wouldn’t have anything to do with this relationship even if you put all effort in it.

How can a person even fall in love with this kind of guy? So carefully check before you lead yourself to something you wouldn’t like.

What! Does a guy like that even exists!

Well yes, there are a lot of brutal individuals in humanity who don’t like animals. A guy like this doesn’t have any attraction towards nature. He doesn’t have any empathy in his heart. And this kind of guy will never be able to make you happy in any way.

So before he invades your house and kills your pets, save them. Choose your pet instead of that animal like the guy. You will be happier.

So now you know what qualities “not to” look for in a guy. Because a guy who smokes might look fresh, and the one who is clingy might seem sweet, but the disaster he’ll bring in your life can never be taken back.

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