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Sploshing! The Newest Fetish That Involves Her Butt!

Best in Her Birthday Suit!
The connection between food and sex has been documented, explored and even exploited for centuries. Everything from the Romans intermingling food orgies with sex orgies to certain foods acting as aphrodisiacs to Hollywood’s iconic food fetish scene in the film 9 1/2 Weeks.

So it shouldn’t come to anyone surprise that a relatively new fetish is growing in popularity and the component of food plays an integral part.

Well, despite the familiarity with the food and sex combo, the fetish of Sploshing is raising a few eyebrows and causing some to lick their lips.

Before we reveal the goods, here’s another hint – it’s best performed in your “birthday” suit.

Best in Her Birthday Suit!
The Origins

It appears the logical origins of sploshing come from the fetish of crushing (yes, that is a fetish) and using food with sex.

The Cake Sitting Cliques

There are actually web-based groups that discuss and debate the merits of certain cakes as they pertain to how they react to a woman’s butt sitting upon them.

Nudity Is King!

As you would assume the most popular form of cake sitting involves the participant to be naked, or at the very least bare bottomed!

Clothing? Well, If You Must.

There are certain more conservative groups that only partake and view Sploshing executed by women who keep their panties on. Maybe it’s an attempt at keeping things sanitary?

Celebrity Sploshing

Christina Aguilera was photographed for OUT in a layout that featured her sitting on a cake.

No One is Innocent!

Recently a sex tape surfaced of a married Orthodox priest from NYC—and they involved a woman sploshing!

Priest and Principal!

The woman sitting on the cake is the married female principal of the school attached to his church

Front and Center

Sometimes more than just the booty gets creamed!

An International Fetish

Recent reports have confirmed that the fetish has hit “craze like” numbers in Asian countries.

Very Messy!

There are all kinds of substantiated theories that this fetish may have some connection to scatology.

Artistic lighting and a well constructed framing lifts sploshing to an art form.

The Porn Biz

The adult industry is never going to let a fetish go by without jumping on board, and there are a host of sites out there catering to Sploshing fanatics.

Bompas and Parr
This interesting London based company has embraced some of the artistic and psychological elements of sploshing.

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