These Girls Tried To Be Bold But Faced Awkward Moment

Everyone person is a king of their body area, so if someone tries to hurt him he will repel him with his full force, and there is the chance that the opposite partner has to face severe injury because the first person is strong hit as compared to the outsider. Yes, the thing which I am going to tell you that once I was going to market, and I saw many cases in which both parties come to fight, but the strong one is only that one who has more power.

There are two groups of people living in this world one who says that all the men and the women are equal and they are I think better than those who supposed that men are idiot and women are most powerful and intelligent. The first group of people called feminist, and the other one called feminine. Yes, now your question is what are you talking about yes I am referring to the people oh sorry they are just ladies who just supposed that they are adamant and they will kick the man anywhere of the field of life. Once I was also hit by such women .actually she was girls college principal she was not allowing my sister a medical certificate, so I decided to talk to her and went to the college but she refuse to meet me that was really awkward for me because so many people there and principal said I am not going to meet such guy said ok if you are not able to face me then why are here come out if you have such courage to face me that was very shocking moment because every student come out from the class just to see me because I am also too much arrogant nature for her. Finally, after some time she came out from her office and said do not shout like that I going to a lot you whatever you what but do not create the mess around here I said ok.

After that, I said Thanks a lot, madam so nice of you. Some of the examples of such type of ladies are given below in this example a lady who was very arrogant and thought she is very powerfull, and if she hit a man then he will not give her back, but unluckily he have to face very serious matter with such guy. She hit a guy just for her ego but she was not expecting that she also have to face back punch oh that was really fucking moment when she also have a quick response from that guy .actually she is belonging to a feminazi group who thinks that man are idiot, and they do not have such courage to face a  women hit and they never try to hit us back but in this case she have to face very severe matter, and I think after that she will never hit any guy if she do that was her last from the group of Fe MAI Zi.

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